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Flood Zone Determination Services

Our Flood Zone Determination Services Certification independently verifies a property’s flood status based on the date of the current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and the date the order was received. Our comprehensive, user-friendly reports flag troublesome results, enabling you to quickly evaluate loan risk and process applications more efficiently.

Through the powerful combination of our manual mapping and quality control methodology, proprietary software, graphic information system applications, and highly trained staff, we offer a complete, guaranteed flood hazard disclosure solution for the real estate and insurance industries.

We Process :

  • Basic flood Certification
  • Portfolio Service
  • Life of Loan Flood Certification

A licensed real estate professional compares a subject property’s characteristics with similar currently listed and recently sold properties in the area. Current market conditions and information about the area are used to establish an opinion of value for the subject property.

Subject and comp photos and a map are also included, configured according to client preference.

  • Standard Drive-By Residential BPO
  • Standard Interior Residential BPO
  • Standard Commercial BPO
  • Standard Commercial BPO (Income Approach)
  • Fannie Mae Residential BPO
  • Freddie Mac Residential BPO
  • Short Form Residential BPO
  • Property Inspection with Photos
  • Custom Forms Available